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Plague Bearer 11/19/2013 10:55 AM
Today is my birthday! Apple pie, ice cream, grandma and Magna Vinda!
Beldegarion 11/11/2013 11:37 PM
Server been down for almost all day today?
Yashihiro247 11/6/2013 5:46 PM
What happen server when down??
Plague Bearer 11/3/2013 10:10 AM
"Plague Bearer" says have a healty dose of GoBB!
Tarmo 11/3/2013 6:35 AM
Miroraldo add your character name into application for approval
AlanTeo 9/14/2013 7:36 PM
Hi guys, I'll be offline till enb patch is workable to run as admin onto the n7 launcher. I couldn't log into the game at all thus had to re-installed everything. Good raiding to all n hope to see you guys soon.
Plague Bearer 6/26/2013 10:21 PM
Progen: Don't wait for HU135, do Agrippa thru front door!
Welcome Guest to the Builders Inc. website.
We are The Largest Guild on the Earth and Beyond Sunrise server.
True to our Name, there is very little, If Anything, that we Can't build and our Builders are always Willing to Help ( unless they are Busy, Dohh! ).
Our New Leader is Savic! ( Commander in Chief )  Fleet Admirals are Magoo, Tarmo, Lann, Shadowwalker, Celine, and SneakyPW
As before, Please try to use your Main Toons name as your login name, or as close as you can get.  An Alt's name that is In the Guild works also, if your Main Toons name is taken.
Please read the News and Forums often and as always Have Fun!
Guild News

A New Leader for Builders Inc.!

TeflonPrime, Jan 31, 14 6:26 PM.
Our new Guilder Leader is Savic!  Make sure to Congratulate him and wish him Luck in his new role as Ruling Despot.
We all know it's a tough job and ussually quite thankless, so wish him your best!

TeflonPrime, Dec 28, 13 5:03 PM.
Greetings Builders!  As you can see I have deleted the Mob Database, Item Database and Drop Zone Tabs.
The Devs at have taken over the function of a drop database and it can be found at:
You can look up drop locations by item, listed alphabetically or access an item's component build list which is also linked to the drop information.

Net-7 Sports Event: Racing

Pakkrat, Oct 9, 13 7:58 PM.
Your Anchor Rat here:

     Net-7 News is at Phase One - Sponsorship of a racing Event to drum up attendance, competition, smak talk and general enjoyment of the E&B Emulator with a series of race and HU stratified heats.  Still in the Sponsorship phase, Net-7 Needs high-end drops >=100% and 200% player-made donations.  Other donations can be badly-needed components (i.e. CVE, Carapace, etc.) or large-sum credits.
     Net-7 Coordinators are myself, Liucee and we are being assisted by Developers such as Elrick, Dakynos, et all.
     Is that "aa" or drop you found collecting dust and taking up space in your vault? Dontate to Net-7 Sports News today and be listed as an official Sponsor of Pakkrat's Rat Race Event!

From the Sports desk at NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat.

Signing Up!

TeflonPrime, Dec 1, 11 8:06 PM.
Please Try to sign up with your main toons name or as close as you can get.  If you can't get your main toon's name, an alt's name may suffice but we need to be able to know who you are, without having to go to the Roster.
Thanks and Enjoy the website!
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